Monday, July 2, 2012

Photo a Day created by @fatmumslim

What a wonderful find from Facebook - this is a great Aussie mum - her blog is a really enjoyable read and I love this idea of photo a day. I have always wanted to do a one a day for a year in a special scrapbook - but I really want to do it with a polaroid camera and have not yet convinced myself to spend that money to just do it!But maybe 2013 is the year for it! So my goal for this month is to do the photo a day and go from there - not sure that I will get them uploaded daily but I promise I will take them and play with them using snap seed app. July 1 - Self Portrait - yep its me! July 2 - Busy - my little N man very busy doing Kumon Check out FB fatmumslim

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