Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Relocation Stress Numer 1

No doubt the first of many! So we have an gorgeous little dog called Matilda - she is 2 1/2 years old and is a "Shug" 1/4 Shitzu & 3/4 Pug! Super cute, quirky black hairy character! I wanted another baby when our youngest started full time school - so my husband bought me a puppy, worked for a little while. Anyway - easy to export her to Mongolia, rules are simple - but airlines do not like to fly "snub nose dogs" this makes sense to me now that I know about it - as the brachiofacial dog breeds are renowned for having breathing problems and therefore have larger health risks associated with them when doing long haul flights!However as the owner of a beloved snub nose dog - this is a really tough deal to work through! Yes we can take her with us, there are airlines who will likely take her. But as Mongolia is not an approved country for export to Australia she would then have to spend 6 months in a facility in Soeul before entering Australia for the 30 day quarantine. Not fun for anyone! Is it safer to send her home now as a young and healthy dog to either family and friends for 2 years - I think so rather than risk her not being able to come home at all. But I tell you it just makes me want to cry. I was wondering how you take a dog out in -40 for a wee, but I think I will stop thinking about it for now!

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